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We create textile accessories for fashion

Manifattura Big was conceived from the idea of developing a type of product and accessory able to make a difference for our customers. With a Made in Italy production chain and a tailor-made creative process.

With truly sustainable production


Natural and regenerated fibres

We specialise in the use of sustainable natural fibres and of regenerated and certified material. Our commitment to sustainability translates into control that involves every aspect of our supply chain.

Unique collaboration in the area

We are part of the Bisentino Group, a historic synergy that is based on the shared values of quality and sustainability


Lanificio Bisentino

A historic company in the Prato textile district, recognised for the highest quality fabrics.

Filatura di Spicciano

Carded spinning mill with a unique value in the district.

Manifattura Big

The youngest company of the group, specialised in the design and production of textile accessories for fashion.



The big deal

A unique creative process. A personalised approach

Our creative process follows a path aimed at creating unique textile accessories.

Research, development, product: these are the three main phases of the approach. A journey in which the customer is fully involved in every phase for a tailor-made service.

The stages include the creative proposal, the prototype development and finally the finished accessory. We create a creative, careful and sustainable product.


A tailored approach for an industry.


Sustainability means having a long-term project

In 2022 we decided to clearly and transparently outline our 2030 sustainability strategy.

The objective is to guarantee to all our stakeholders the consistency of our actions with our objectives.

We look to 2030 with the desire to get there together, with our collaborators, partners, suppliers and customers, aware that Manifattura Big can be what together, all of us, want it to be.