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Bespoke for Big manufacturing means providing a personalised service for our customers.

We take the customer by the hand to fully satisfy their desire for a tailor-made product and service.

We do this by guaranteeing dedicated teams that support the customer both in the creative phase, through innovative CAD and 3D rendering tools that allow the desired prototype to be created in just a few moments, and in the creation and customisation phases of the textile accessory, ready to enter the store.


From the prototype to the final idea: CAD prototyping and 3D rendering

A tailor-made approach for the customer

We ensure an extremely personalised service, providing teams dedicated to each project phase.

With digital CAD tools and 3D rendering we create extremely customisable prototypes in just a few moments. We then guarantee the possibility of customisation during the creation of the accessory, until it is ready to enter the store.

A smart and environmentally-friendly service

The adoption of digital tools allows us not only to create extremely personalised prototypes live with a tailor-made service for each customer.

This process also allows us to reduce the production of physical samples, thus saving natural resources and reducing environmental impact.

Tradition and innovation

Tradition and innovation come together in the pursuit of excellence. The ability to innovate represents for us an essential element of our working method and of our corporate values.

For this reason, among our proposals, you will find extremely valuable raw materials, together with innovative fibres respecting the concept of sustainability.


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