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the choice of raw materials

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The two strategic priorities


Since our foundation we have constantly placed particular attention on two fundamental strategic priorities in the selection process of our raw materials.

Buy directly from the source, a commitment that not only guarantees the highest quality of our products, but also allows us to establish direct and sustainable relationships with our suppliers, promoting transparency and responsibility throughout the entire supply chain.

Use natural fibres, a choice that not only helps reduce the environmental impact of our products, but also translates into textile accessories that maintain an authentic connection with the natural resources of our planet. These two principles represent the fundamental pillars of our corporate philosophy and values.


From fibre to finished product

We buy at source

We purchase at source in order to have complete traceability of the material and, as it is fibre, 100% control of the transformation processes.

In our creative process, we always start from the fibre to imagine our finished product. The Big team creates its own product starting from the purchase and processing of the fibre, with processes such as spinning and staple dyeing.

We conclude with the final steps of customising the textile accessory, such as fringes and embroidery of the scarf.

We use natural fibres

We choose mainly animal fibres such as wool, cashmere, alpaca and mohair with lower impact.

Our skills help us create more recyclable products and to choose the best certified raw materials.

This helps us guarantee all our customers the sustainability and traceability of our products.