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Manifattura Big is a company specialised in the design, development and production of textile accessories for fashion


A history that has its roots in the know-how of two historic Prato-based companies: ELLEBI and GIBIWEAR.
A history where unity is strength.

ELLEBI ITALIA, set up in 1982 from an intuition of Giampiero, Paolo and Andrea.
GIBIWEAR, founded by the entrepreneur Carlo Barni in 1985.

A synergy created to respond in the best possible way to the challenges of the future.


Since 2019 Manifattura Big has followed sustainability-oriented processes and projects. Carefully selected partners, with closely shared values and principles, represent the foundations of our supply chain.

Naturally in Prato

Manifattura Big is based in Tuscany, more precisely in Comeana, an area of the Prato textile district, surrounded by the greenery of the Tuscan countryside and the Carmignano vineyards.

A precise choice with the aim of having new spaces available and of following a mission that is even more sensitive to human and environmental needs.

Bisentino group

In our business we actively collaborate with two pillars of the textile district.

01. Lanificio Bisentino
Our parent company, founded in Prato in 1944. Specialised in the production of animal fibre fabrics, both regenerated and virgin, through a fully traceable and transparent supply chain.

02. Filatura di Spicciano
The sole of the Bisentino and Manifattura Big products. Third party carded spinning perfect for the creation of linear, slub and buttoned yarns, with counts that allow the creation of products capable of satisfying every type of requirement. GRS-certified and specialised in the production of recycled wool yarns.

Together we compose the Bisentino Group, a three-part collaboration that aims for high-quality, circular and responsible textile production.



The experience of the past and the company know-how come together for the Manifattura Big of the future, with a constant watchful eye on sustainability and an innate focus on respect for the territory.


Attention, commitment and sociability. Our daily commitment to the people who experience Manifattura Big and who connect with the surrounding environment, every day.


A single direction for future generations. We measure our social and environmental impact, implementing corrective improvement actions for a sustainable and responsible future.

Sustainable development

In conducting our business, Manifattura Big is committed to preserving the environment and aims to concretely contribute to sustainable development.

For this reason, both our products and our processes are guaranteed by all the main sustainability certifications, tangible proof of our commitment to controlling and, where possible, reducing the environmental impacts of the activities undertaken.

To achieve an actual reduction in impact we have developed our own 2030 Strategy, a path structured around 5 priority areas regarding circularity, traceability, materials, people and communities.

The result of 80 years of experience

Manifattura Big was established in 2019 but brings with it decades of experience in the creation of scarves and textile accessories in natural fibres.

A tradition inherited from two historic companies in the Prato district: the first more oriented towards the search for precious materials and the second strongly inclined towards creativity and experimentation. These two complementary souls allowed Manifattura Big to immediately become a unique partner for Italian and international brands.

Our story, a family history since 1944

Foto storica della fabbrica e tessutiFoto storica della fabbrica e tessutiFoto storica della fabbrica e tessuti