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Our vision

We have chosen to create a company capable of interpreting the ancient knowledge of the Group's historic textile companies but with a contemporary and sustainable slant.

We develop products and accessories able to make a difference for our customers, with excellent raw materials and processes oriented towards flexibility, innovation and quality. All this, with a real commitment to recycling materials and to reducing the ecological footprint.

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Our creative approach is based on three fundamental levels. These events mark the customer's journey, guided by our dedicated team towards a unique final result.

01. Excellence and sustainability of materials
Every product and accessory starts from research into the raw material, certified and of excellence.

02. Research and inspiration
The research phase moves onto our historic archive, which brings together over 80 years of evolution of the accessory.

03. Bespoke: digital and tailor-made prototypes
We develop tailor-made digital prototypes to give concrete form to the idea developed with the customer.

Excellence and sustainability of materials

Every Manifattura Big product and accessory starts from careful research into the best raw materials.

This is the phase that absolutely distinguishes us, thanks to the skills resulting from our history and our founding values of sustainability.

We offer our customers innovative materials, products and processes with a lower environmental and social impact and unique workmanship researched by our dedicated team.

Research and inspiration

Our archive is the place where the customer has the opportunity to immerse themselves in our world.

The place where the research and inspiration process begins to develop truly unique and quality accessories. The space where it is possible to explore our iconic collections, a place in which to delve into over 80 years of evolution and history of the accessory.

Followed and guided by our creative skills, this opportunity allows the customer to gather inspiration and to further explore the fundamental ideas and concepts for their next collection.

Bespoke digital and tailor-made prototypes

Once the process of careful analysis and exploration of possibilities is complete, our digital development team creates customised prototypes.

Prototypes are essential to give concrete shape to the unique idea developed by the customer and with the customer.

Through research, knowledge and methodologies consolidated over the years, we are able to meet and exceed their expectations. Original accessories of the highest creative value, which always include the founding principles of sustainability and quality.