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Our first source of inspiration, your creative space


A dynamic space, which grows, evolves and transforms constantly, in the name of contemporaneity.

Inside our archive, in the heart of our company, it is possible to immerse yourself in 80 years of evolution and history of the accessory.


Past, present and future

A bubble of research , study and innovation

Our space is an opportunity to discover, research, consult, study iconic collections and find new inspirations for future ones, without ever losing sight of history.

Completely available to customers visiting the factory. Our creative team is responsible for guiding each visitor's search.

A unique space, used to immerse yourself in historical products of the highest value, coming from the two companies of our textile group, and innovative fabrics, the result of our research in the field of sustainability.


Between historical fabrics and innovative projects

Our Archive collects the perfect combination of history and innovation, narrated in accessories and fabrics of unique value.

On the one hand, we preserve a collection of iconic fabrics and accessories, which testify to almost a century of accessory history.

This is mixed with an innovative and experimental collection of textile accessories. The result of research and development projects, our assortment boasts innovative materials, unique workmanship and products with a lower environmental and social impact.